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Various Artists- Time Splitters CS


Shipping Start April 15, 2024
Releases May 1, 2024

Time Splitters is a various artist compilation created and produced by Richmond VA based Deskulling in collaboration with veteran Spanish Town JA artist I Jahbar between 2021 and 2023. This 21 track 50 plus minute Dancehall epic also includes other veteran vocalists such as G Sudden, RDL Shellah, Buddydon, and Darkchild plus newer talents such as Fearless, Longdon, Latty, King Kush and 1 Solar Boss. Alexander West who passed away in 2023 contributes an ethereal and heartfelt album closing performance on “Granny Grenade”. Time Splitters is a sprawling creation that captures a multiplicity of emotions, life complexities, spiritual evocations, and musical dimensions. Deskulling's eclectic productions are rendered to the perfect minimalism and provide a rich and varied platform for vocal performances that move between dark and light, sad and joyful, heavy and soft. A lot of work went into this release over a few years from many people during times of inner and outer complexities, turmoil, and tribulations. This release musically, lyrically, emotionally, represents life's spectrum's fully. Thanks
for listening.

Time Splitters: Deskulling, I Jahbar, Fearless, Darkchild, 1Solar Boss, RDL Shellah, G Sudden, Buddydon, Longdon, Tolerance, King Kush, Latty and Alexander West may he rest in peace.

Created in Angels JA + Richmond VA
Produced + Mixed by Parker Black/Deskulling
Executive Production + Recording Engineering by Oneill Thomas/ I Jahbar
All Lyrics by Vocalists
Mastering by Derek Maxwell
Art + Layout by Shawn Reed
Front Cover Photo by German Iraki
Inside Photo by Parker Black

Further details from Deskulling:
"Time Splitters I" is a collection of tracks born from a trip to the island of Jamaica in Feb 2021, working onward to mid-2023, following the yearlong global pandemic lock down. It began as a fresh inquiry into the meaning of music and sound in the context of the complicated global West. All tracks were produced and mixed by Deskulling, both from sessions in JA and back home in VA. The connection originally started with I Jahbar, hosting Deskulling and facilitating sessions with artists for that week, primarily in a Spanish Town studio, and later sending vocal stems to make songs from afar. Many tracks were made, but these 18 are the core sound.
The release was executive produced by I Jahbar/Roolingz Muzik, and includes veteran artists, such as G Sudden, I Jahbar, RDL Shellah, Buddydon, and Darkchild, up-and-coming talents such as King Kush, Fearless, Longdon, and Latty Fabulous, a feature from youngstar 1Solar Boss, and an end cap from the legendary sage Alexander West, who unfortunately passed away in May 2023. His burning spirit lives on, and the memories of his endless flow will live forever in those who were blessed enough to surround him.
Additionally, visual artist Koyo Waldorf aka German Iraki visited the island following Deskulling’s visit. While there he documented the artists, some new sessions and interviews, and filmed a few videos to the aforementioned tracks. However accompanying this release will be his photo book “Get Nuff Nuff Data”, highlighting the lifestyle, environment, and artists who made this release what it is. It also includes some stories from those involved, and a link to a few riddims from the release.
Digital Sting/Shawn Reed and Deskulling made connection early 2023. When DS heard the tunes, they wanted to release and facilitate a pressing of some sort. They produced the cassette of the release and host the accompanying material. Derek Maxwell, also of Digital Sting, provided the mastering work for "Time Splitters I". Big thanks to Derek and Shawn for bringing this music into the light of day.
“Time Splitters” represents the hard work from everyone involved, spanning from Spanish Town/JA to Richmond, Haifa to the Twin Cities. We split time by communicating through varying time zones, creating an international connection and sound stemming from the heart and soul of one of the world’s most potently talented countries nestled in the Caribbean, then produced in Virginia, then pressed in Minnesota. From there it is shared worldwide to allow these voices to be properly heard. A rich concept materialized, a global synaptic connection formed, and the traveling through time to hearts of future, present, and past--this is the work.