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New vinyl- Duppy Gun Meets Feel Free Hi Fi and Feel Free Hi Fi "Dragon Dance" Check them out! 


The first two Digital Sting vinyl releases are finally here after many pressing delays due to Covid. The official release date is March 26th with Pre-Order starting on March 22.  Check the Soundcloud or Bandcamp links for sound samples and the items buttons for Pre-order purchase and info. European residents can look to the distro link to find a link to Rub A Dub our European distributor.  


Digital Sting is the place to purchase Shawn Reed and Feel Free Hi Fi related music, mixes, clothing, prints and artwork. Check the links for updates and entertainment. New items are in the works so stay tuned. 

Night-People Records is no longer an active label, we had a good run, 2004- 2016, it was quite an experience, thanks to all the artists that were the backbone of the label and all the people who supported the label over the years. Extra special thanks to Ryan Garbes, Andy Spore and Daren Ho.  Some back stock Night-People can be viewed at www.night-people.org and can be purchased by emailing [email protected]

Thanks- Shawn Reed