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G Version III- Scenery From Double Glazing CS


Shipping Start April 15, 2024
Releases May 1, 2024

G Version III from Kyoto Japan arrives on Digital Sting via a correspondence going back a few years that grew out of mutual musical connections and a deep appreciation for the Jamaican soundsystem diaspora. G Version grew up with a love of Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae and had a musical revelation at a Lake Biwako sound clash event as a teenager that was formative in spurring a deeper dive into Dancehall and soundsystem culture. After some time spent studying in the UK and returning to Japan, working at Jet Set records along with meeting heavy weight producer Element the beginnings of her future musical output began to take shape. Downtime during the pandemic provided the time to concentrate on production. G Version's sound has a retro futuristic feel, equal parts Dancehall history and esoteric dub leanings, particularly in tune with the more experimental branches of 80's-90's UK Dub and Steppers. Influences being stated G Versions sound is thoroughly distinct and imaginative, not content to conform to any obvious genre tropes. Also included in this release are two dubs of G Version tracks by Digital Sting mainstays Feel Free Hi Fi.

Created and produced in Kyoto Japan by G Version III
Dub Versions by Feel Free Hi Fi in Twin Cities USA
Mastering by Derek Maxwell
Artwork by Shawn Reed
Special Thanks to Element, I Jahbar, KJ Trypta, and Akito.