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Feel Free Hi Fi feat. G Sudden- Journey Digital Single


To purchase this release go to: https://digitalsting.bandcamp.com/
The link is also in on the sidebar on this website.

Spanish Town JA vocalist and Duppy Gun collective member G Sudden in collaboration with Twin Cities sound system producers Feel Free Hi Fi.
Initially created during the same vocal sessions that originated the Duppy Gun meets Feel Free Hi Fi 12" on Digital Sting. The Cyborg version from that release gets a reworking from Feel Free Hi Fi to create Cyborg 2 Version and the Journey vocal version represented here.

Created and Produced by S. Reed and D. Maxwell at Digital Sting HQ
Lyrics and Vocals by G Sudden
Vocals recorded by I Jahbar at Duppy Gun/Roolings Studio Spanish Town JA.
Mastered by D. Maxwell
Artwork by S. Reed