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Duppy Gun Meets Feel Free Hi Fi 12" Vinyl

$16.00 / On Sale

Spanish Town, Jamaica's Duppy Gun collective doesn’t need much of an introduction for what is now a decade-long run of creating some of the world’s most forward music. The Twin Cities based duo, Feel Free Hi Fi first connected with foundation member, mentor and leader I Jabhar through U.S. underground artists Cam Stallones and M. Geddas Gengras. This eventually culminated in the production of two medley vocal tracks with accompanying instrumental versions presented here. Featuring I Jahbar along with Tokeeno and King G, these vocals paired with Feel Free's industrial tinged rhythms generate what is possibly the most heavy tracks in Duppy Gun's discography. These tracks are well suited for a full rinsing in any international DJ set inclined towards propulsive dark bass
music. Digital Sting is honored to release this collaboration with Duppy Gun having been long inspired by the collective’s prolific collection of records and tapes released on Bristol’s excellent label, Bokeh Versions.

The records come in double sided silkscreen printed DJ jackets, with Obi Strip style stickers and hand stamped white labels created and printed by Digital Sting.

Created and Produced by S. Reed and D. Maxwell at Digital Sting HQ
Lyrics and Vocals by I Jahbar, King Geineous and Tokeeno
Vocals recorded by I Jahbar at Duppy Gun/Roolings Studio Spanish Town JA.
Mastered by Alec Ness and Greg Reierson
Artwork by S. Reed and C. Stallones